Maruta no Mori: the 1st one in Japan!

JP . Kanagawa. Forêt de Maruta no Mori


Started on May 2017, the construction of the very first Parcabout outside Europe opened on July 24th. Maruta no Mori is a park of 2500 m² of facilities in the heart of the Japanese archipelago, on the big island of Honshū.

Built in a forest not so far from the famous Mount Fuji, it can be reached from Tokyo in just two short hours.

11 modules and more than 250 m of walkways, including a spiral of nearly 50 m long and a 3D reproduction of the Mount Fuji are securely moored to 80 trees in a variety of local oak. The installation form a huge fun set to evolve safely  to nearly 10 m above the ground.

Ordered from LLP, Maruta no Mori is built in partnership with Project Adventure Japan and AGS, a chain of spa hotels and restaurants, owned by Koichi Sakurai, including one of the new complexes adjacent to the Parcabout.



  • year of installation
  • Area
    2500 m²